Bestowed with an abundance of nature, Surigao houses some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Who does not know the famous Enchanted River in Hinatuan and, of course, the internationally-acclaimed Siargao Island? How about Tinuy-an Falls? There is no denying that everyone has these tourist spots on their to-visit list.

Aside from these renowned places, there is a waterfall settled in the laid-back town of Lianga in Surigao del Sur that boasts not just its crystal clear, turquoise-hued water but also its overall picturesque view: the Bao-Bao Falls.

But unlike other waterfalls with towering cascades, the Bao-Bao Falls has a short rock boulder. Fortunately, this is also the same quality that made it stand out from the rest.

Surrounded by all things green and unique rock formations, this majestic waterfall offers a picturesque view like some you’ve seen on postcards.

Additionally, its name is derived from the Bisaya term Bao, which translates to a tortoise. Locals who discovered this majestic waterfall saw the rock formations resembling tortoises.

Even though the management allows tourists to explore the waterfall even when there’s a heavy downpour, visitors are advised to take extra precautions as the water current is much stronger, as well as a drastic increase in water level when raining. Therefore, we recommend visiting the Bao-Bao Falls when not raining to ensure everyone’s safety.

What’s more, aside from swimming to its turquoise-hued water, you can also jump from the waterfall’s cascade to its deepwater basin.

Over the years, Bao-Bao Falls is slowly getting the recognition it deserves. Thanks mainly to the tourism and local government unit’s effort, as well as to vloggers and bloggers who featured this waterfall on their platforms.

Honestly, words will not be enough to justify the beauty of Bao-Bao Falls. You just have to be there to see it up close. So if you have plans on exploring the jewels of Surigao, be sure to add Bao-Bao Falls to your to-visit travel spots.

Things to keep in mind when visiting Bao-Bao Falls

Keep in mind that there’s no dressing room in and around the area. However, there’s a restroom that you can use not just for pointing Percy at the porcelain and taking a load off your mind but also for changing clothes.

Recently, the management added makeshift open cottages on some designated areas around the waterfall to accommodate the flock of tourists.

The entrance fee is P15 for adults, P5 for children, P10 for local adult residents and P10 for senior citizens and differently-abled persons.

Ultimately, visitors are highly encouraged to practice CLAYGO (Clean As You Go) to preserve the nearly untouched beauty of Bao-Bao Falls. So let’s all be responsible tourists and leave no traces of trash behind.

How to get to Bao-Bao Falls

To get there, you have two options: take public transportation or rent a car from us.

If you opt to take public transportation, you first need to head over to Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCCTO).

Once you’re there, go immediately to the ticketing booth and ask for a bus bound for Tandag, Surigao del Sur. The bus fare ranges from P375 to P580 for an estimated travel time of six hours.

Upon arrival at Lianga, look for a skylab — a modified motorcycle — to get to Bao-Bao Falls. To avoid getting charged extra, negotiate the fare with the driver first.

Once you’re at the waterfall entrance, stretch your muscles briefly because you have to trek down more than a 150 steps staircase. Upon walking down to the receiving area, the overlooking view of Bao-Bao Falls, the breeze of fresh air and the picturesque view of lush greenery will welcome you.


The most convenient way to get to Bao-Bao Falls

Skip all the hassles of public transportation by renting a vehicle from us. By doing this, you will experience not only convenience but also relaxing and hassle-free travel.

As many people are also en route to Surigao del Sur, renting a car is the best possible way to ensure you and your loved ones’ safety.

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