Insurance and Accident information

Notice: Never drive a rental vehicle from a company without being a legal Philippines business and/or corporation, that has a valid and current Mayor’s permit, business plate number, BIR (taxes) OR- official receipt compliance and has their cars listed as rental vehicles with their insurance provider. In the attempt to save money, many companies will cut corners, especially on insurance, which will leave you financially exposed in case of an accident. If the company renting the vehicle is not a legal Philippines business entity with a valid and current Mayor’s permit, the insurance company can, and almost certainly will, deny any claims and leave you exposed financially to pay that burden. If a company asks you to tell any law officials that you are borrowing the car from them, immediately cancel your booking and request a full refund. One, lying to a law official is against the law. Two, if the insurance company finds out they rented you the vehicle without proper rental insurance they will deny the claim and you will be held 100% financially responsible for any and all vehicle damages, medical damages and property damages. Law enforcement can hold your drivers license and passport (locals and/or foreigners) until all financial responsibilities are taken care of.

Car Rental Davao will provide you, at request, a copy of our Mayor’s permit, business plate number, BIR (taxes) official receipt compliance, Philippines corporation information or any other information you may want to feel comfortable with the rental car company you have chosen to provide you service. We display all these records at our office, for renters that visit our office.

The Philippines is an at fault country. Meaning, that whoever is at fault is responsible for any and all damages including, but not limited to: driven vehicle damages, 3rd party’s vehicle damages, self medical damages, 3rd party’s medical damages and any property damage.

All our vehicles come with full coverage comprehensive insurance on the vehicle itself. Our vehicles are 100% covered minus 10,000 php deductible or 0.5% of total vehicle sale value, whichever is greater. Because some luxury vehicles 0.5% sale value exceeds our standard 10,000 php deposit, you will see an additional 5000 php luxury deposit on those vehicle types to cover that additional deductible required by our insurance company.

Optional medical coverage is available during the checkout process of your booking reservation. However, these amounts are somewhat limited by our insurance provider due to the vehicles being rentals. We have done our best to find the best coverage and all the insurance providers we have found have the same policy and limits on rental vehicles.

We highly recommend you use a credit card for payment that has rental insurance built in with your credit card provider. If you are not sure if a credit card has that ability, please contact your credit card issuer to ask them if your card has rental car insurance included.

Please feel free to email us at sales@carrentaldavao.com, message us from our website live chat, visit us on any of our social media channels or call us at 0939-972-9846, or if in the US, US territories, Mexico or Canada, you can call our US number at 480-717-4974 if you have any further questions regarding our insurance or potential liabilities in the Philippines.

Additional considerations and what to do in case of an accident:

(1) The renter should exercise an ordinary degree of care in the operation and possession of the rented vehicles.
(2) The renter upon undertaking to operate the rented vehicle, is assumed to be familiar with all existing national and local traffic rules and regulations.
(3) The renter in the event of vehicular accidents or mishaps shall report the matter to the local authorities for proper assessment, then immediately inform Car Rental Davao (“CRD”).
(4) The renter should NOT move the vehicle until the local authorities arrive and upon the advice of CRD. Failure to do so can cause the accident to be charged completely to the renter even if the accident was not your fault.
(5) The renter, if possible, should take pictures of all the angles of the accident for proper documentation.
(6) The renter, if possible, takes note of the identification of the other car and driver involved in the accident, including but not limited to the name of the driver, insurance information, plate number, make, model and color of the vehicle.
(7) A police report MUST be obtained and the original police report must be surrendered to CRD. Without the original police report, renter will assume full responsibility, fault and liability for any damages to any vehicles, any property and any persons involved in the accident.

The breach of any of the protocol shall render the Renter liable in case of accident. The strict implementation of this protocol is for the protection of both CRD and the renter.

Thank you very much,

Car Rental Davao