What Filipino and non-Filipino renters should prepare in renting at Car Rental Davao

For Filipino Citizens
  • Valid Philippines Driver’s License
  • Passport ID page or other photo government ID
  • Other documents may be requested
For Non-Filipino Citizens
  • If Filipino drivers license no need for most recent visa entry stamp
  • If Foreign drivers license
    • Must be in English. If not English then certified translation from issuing country embassy.
    • Copy of most recent visa entry stamp. Must be less than 90 days from end of rental period
  • Passport ID page
What is an International Driver's License or International Driving Permit?

Whenever you are out of the country and want to rent a car, car rental agencies in most countries often ask foreigners for an International Driver’s License. Also known as International Driving Permit, this has become a primary requirement for renters. Most travelers, however, do not know the nitty-gritty of this and often they are confused about its use. Is it really necessary for renters? Are they really required to begin with?

First off, there’s no such thing as an International Driver’s License. The correct term is International Driving Permit or IDP. 

IDP is a document, accompanied by your driver’s license, recognized in 174 countries. This piece of paper allows you to drive a vehicle abroad legally.

IDP is consists of your full name, photo and driver information. Suppose you are at least 18 years old, a permanent resident of your country and have a driver’s license. In that case, you are eligible for an International Driving Permit. 

This piece of document remains valid for six months from the date of its issuance.

Why do car rental agencies require foreigners International Driving Permits?

Here at Car Rental Davao, we only require our renters to present an International Driving Permit if their driver’s license is not written in English. However, please do note that the Philippines requires an International Driving Permit for foreigners outside the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) region.

If you’re not from ASEAN, driving here in our country will require both your driver’s license and International Driving Permit. If your driver’s license isn’t in English, your IDP will serve as its official translation. Remember: your IDP must come from your country of citizenship. Fortunately, most countries allow you to obtain an IDP online. If, in case, you forgot to secure one, you can just choose to order it.

Can I acquire an IDP in the Philippines?

No. Only Filipinos can obtain an IDP in the Philippines. As mentioned, your IDP must come from your home country. You can order it online, as most countries currently accept online processing of International Driving Permit.

Things to keep in mind
  • Always follow traffic rules in the Philippines to avoid getting fined or, worse, getting your driver’s license confiscated.
  • Bring your driver’s license and IDP wherever you drive in the country, as the IDP cannot be verified without your driver’s license.
  • Smoke-belching vehicles are banned here in the Philippines.
  • The use of mobile phones and other gadgets while driving is highly prohibited.
  • Driving under the influence can get your IDP revoked, or, worst, you will serve jail time plus community service.

If you have any questions about requirements please feel free to email us at sales@carrentaldavao.com or call 0906-059-1323 (Globe) 0939-972-9846 (Smart) or contact us via our Whatsapp/Viber (0906-059-1323) (0906-059-1323).