With the Philippines being a culturally and geographically-diverse country — made up of more than 7,000 islands, no less — a lot of adventures await both local and foreign tourists here.

Beaches, resorts and other wondrous natural wonders such as waterfalls are all here and some of them can be found in the southern part of the country, the Mindanao region.

One of which is the Tinuy-an Falls of Surigao del Sur, which is dubbed as the widest waterfall in the country. Boosting its grand, picturesque, and scenic features, there is no denying that this falls is a gem.

Grand as it is, the water from the Tinuy-an Falls drapes and cascades over three waterfall features: a white froth curtain with its 95-meter height, 180 meters width, and 55-meter cascades — comparable to America’s Niagara Falls.


The widest waterfall in the country

Situated at Barangay Borboanan in Bislig City, the Tinuy-an Falls is perfectly fringed with tall grasses and trees, as well as endemic plants which add up to its picture-perfect view.

The water basin of the second waterfalls, the tallest of the three layers, is an attraction on its own. You can swim there, take photographs, ride a bamboo raft or have a picnic with your loved ones.

How to get to Tinuy-an Falls

To get to Tinuy-an Falls, you can either commute or rent a car. If you prefer commuting, you have to ride a public bus, public utility jeep, motorcycle, or habal-habal. First, you have to get to Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT) from Davao City proper. Once you are in there, proceed to the ticketing booth and ask for a bus bound for Mangagoy, part of Bislig City.

The fare costs P300 for 5 to 6 hours of travel time. Upon reaching Mangagoy, you have to head to the terminal of public utility jeepneys and ride a trip that is bound to Barangay Borboanan.

You can also hire a habal-habal driver that will take you straight to the Tinuy-an Falls from Mangagoy. The fare here costs around P300 pesos back and forth.

The other option you have is to rent a vehicle. By choosing this, you can get to the Tinuy-an Falls must faster and much easier, and there’s no need for you to transfer from bus to motorcycle and jeepney. Your travel is also guaranteed to be smooth and more convenient and you can also bring your family with you.

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Things to experience at Tinuy-an Falls

Experience its natural pool

To swim to the water basin of Tinuy-an Falls, everyone must wear a life vest or life jacket for a P30 rental fee. Local tourism offices implement the said ordinance to avoid accidents. You can enjoy the crystal clear and cold water of Tinuy-an Falls. You can hire a local guide with you to help you with the essential things to remember when you are in the vicinity of Tinuy-an Falls.

Bamboo rafts that will take you to the curtain of waters running to its basin

Your Tinuy-an Falls will be more memorable if you experience this. The bamboo raft will get you closer to the water curtain of the waterfall that you will surely enjoy. If you want to have a natural waterfall massage, you can go to the second and third Tinuy-an Falls levels, where you can lean and let the water massage your back.

Witness Tinuy-an Falls rainbow
To witness the Tinuy-an Falls rainbow, you have to be around the area around 9AM to 11AM. It is the best time to visit the waterfall to witness its astonishing beauty. Make sure to bring a power bank with you so that you can take hundreds of photographs without worrying about your smartphone’s battery running out of power.

Do Picnics
Besides swimming, you can also have a picnic with your loved ones or friends in the waterfall’s designated areas. Make sure to follow the guidelines and rules when you are having a picnic at Tinuy-an Falls. Clean as you go and do not throw your garbage everywhere. The memories you will make in this place will last together with the waterfalls’ breaktaking view.


How to contact the Surigao del Sur Tourism Office

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Government-
Phone: (086) 853 6089