Terms and Conditions

Read everything about Car Rental Davao’s terms and agreement below

Car Rental Davao herein also referred to as the “COMPANY” hereby agrees to lease a vehicle as described hereof to the any individual (“RENTER”) who shall comply and agrees with the terms and conditions as below stated:


  1. The RENTER shall give the COMPANY accurate personal information such as but not limited to his/her name, age, birthday, address and all other information that is requested.
  2. THE RENTER shall provide the COMPANY government issued proof of identification.


  1. Payment shall be in accordance with the stipulation and computations provided by the RENTER;
  2. The COMPANY shall collect a security deposit in the amount of TEN THOUSAND PESOS (P10,000.00) upon signing of the rental agreement. In the event of damage of the rented vehicle, the security deposit shall be forfeited to answer for the damages, without prejudice to its right to demand for additional payment in case the amount of damage exceeds the security deposit.
  3. The Rental fee of the rented vehicle shall be the amount specified in the agreement unless adjusted upon the approval of both the RENTER and the COMPANY.
  4. The COMPANY shall pay the rental fee and other amounts free and clear of and without deductions for or withholding of any and all future Philippines taxes, duties and charges.
  5. The failure of the RENTER to pay the rental fees after the expiration of this agreement shall make them him liable for the payment for a twelve (12) percent legal interest per annum without need of any demand;
  6. The COMPANY reserves the right to pull out the vehicle at any time and place in case of failure of the RENTER to pay for the rental fees of the vehicle on agreed date.
  7. The RENTER shall consent to the reservation of credit, by a credit card issuer, up to the amount of the estimated charges due under this rental agreement and authorized the renting location to process a credit card voucher, if applicable, in RENTER’s name, for all charges due in this agreement.
  8. All charges are subject to final audit. If an error is found in the computation, the COMPANY may rectify such error and reflect the accurate statement of account. The COMPANY may demand additional payment or effect a refund as the case may be.


  1. The Rented vehicles shall include tires, tools, equipment, accessories tools, tires, and all other items introduced to the vehicle and contained there-in and documents, do not belong to RENTER.
  2. The delivery of the rented vehicle to the RENTER shall only be for rental purposes only.
  3. It is understood between the parties that the LESSOR is not the manufacturer or supplier thereof. The COMPANY does not warrant, whether, express or implied, as to the merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of any vehicle covered by this agreement, nor responsible for any factory defects.
  4. The RENTER hereby assumes full responsibility for the selection of the equipment, and the COMPANY shall not in any way be deemed to have made any warranties, representations or inducements or compliance with any requirements of any law , rules, specifications or contract.
  5. Any claims of the RENTER in connection with the manufacturer’s warranties, conditions or guarantees shall be made directly to the RENTER against the manufacturer or supplier who shall be solely liable thereof. In this respect, the COMPANY hereby authorizes the LESSEE to submit any said claim against the manufacturer or supplier on its behalf.


  1. The RENTER will return the vehicle in the same good operating condition to the place on the due back date specified, or sooner upon demand.
  2. The RENTER is responsible for the whole rental period payment stated on the rental agreement.

a. At the time of return of the vehicle before the expiration of the rental period, the COMPANY will not be liable to give credit for any unused rental time.

3. The provisions of this terms and condition shall commence from the date of the DELIVERY AND ACCEPTANCE of the rented vehicle to the RENTER and end on the date specified in the agreement.

a. The Delivery and Acceptance Date for all intents and purposes, be all conclusively presumed to be the actual, true and correct date of Delivery And Acceptance by the RENTER.

b. In case of termination/cancellation of this rental agreement by the RENTER before agreed end date of the agreement, the COMPANY has an absolute right to forfeit any amount unused or paid by the RENTER including the security deposit and shall be considered as penalty and damage to the COMPANY, without prejudice to its right to resort to legal remedies available to the latter.

4. In the event of cancellation of Reservation to rent, the COMPANY has the right to forfeit the RESERVATION FEE paid by the RENTER.


    1. The RENTER shall receive the rented vehicle in good condition with a full fuel tank and shall be returned in substantially the same condition, including a full fuel tank as it was delivered except for the normal wear and tear. Should the RENTER return the rented vehicle with less fuel in the tank, corresponding charges shall apply.

    2. Prior to the commencement of the rental agreement, the RENTER shall examine the potential vehicle for rent. No rental agreement shall be executed without prior inspection and approval of the RENTER shall be had.

    3. The RENTERS shall return the rented vehicle together with the original tires, tools, accessories, equipment and all other items introduced to the vehicle and contained in the vehicle to the COMPANY’s office address following the expiration of rental period or otherwise upon COMPANY’s demand, due to violation of any condition of terms and conditions.

    4. If the RENTED fails to return the vehicle upon the expiration of the rental period without an approved extension from COMPANY, the RENTER may be deemed to be in unlawful possession of the rented vehicle and the COMPANY shall endorse the matter the government authorities to ensure return of the rented vehicle.


    1. The COMPANY or any of duly authorized representative may inspect the rented vehicle anytime during reasonable business hours.

    2. The inspection shall not only be limited to the exterior of the rented vehicle but may include the interior, tools, tires, and all other items introduced to the vehicle and contained in the vehicle.

    G. RENTED VEHICLES shall NOT be operated and used as follows:

    1. To carry passengers or property for a consideration express or implied; or use it for hire or sublease.

    2. Utilized to tow vehicle or trailer;

    3. In motor sports events;

    4. To transport goods in violation of customs regulation or in any other illegitimate purpose;

    5. By any person under influence of liquor/alcohol or drugs.

    6. By any person who does not possess a qualified and valid license.

    7. Any employee or fellow employees of the RENTER, if such employee’s or fellow employee’s regular and unusual employment. (need further input, I don’t understand what you mean.)

    8. By any other person unless company’s permission is obtained in writing and communicated to the COMPANY.

    9. By any driver that has had their license for less than a year or is considered a new or driver in training.


    1. In case of damage to the vehicle due to an accident, the first P5,000.00 costs of repairs shall be the RENTER’s account.

    2. All repairs due to the abusive use of the RENTER or any damages that may occur during the time that the rented vehicle is in the possession of the RENTER, shall be for the account of the renter.

    3. Any loss of the rented vehicle’s accessories, tools, tires, and all other items introduced to the vehicle and contained in the rented vehicle upon turn over, will be charged to the Renter.

    4. The COMPANY is not obliged to undertake satisfaction of any claim by RENTER or its passenger outside insurance coverage.

    5. Any accident should be immediately reported immediately by the RENTER to the COMPANY. For total loss of vehicle, a 40% of the value of the car shall be imposed as to the charges for the car devaluation against insurance claim.


    1. The vehicle should remain the property of the COMPANY.

    2. In the event of default or failure of the RENTER to comply with any of the terms and conditions, the COMPANY reserves the right to immediate repossession or surrender of the rented vehicle, and all the expenses will be borne by the RENTER.

    3. The COMPANY has the absolute right to pull-out the rented vehicle at any time and place in case the RENTER failed to renew the rental agreement, pay for outstanding rental fees or defaulted in any terms and conditions as herein stated.


    1. The vehicle may be repossessed at RENTER’s cost and without notice if it is not returned following the end of the rental period.

    2. The COMPANY has the absolute right to pull-out the rented vehicle in case the rented vehicle is found to be illegally parked, used in violation of laws or of this terms and condition, appears to be abandoned, if RENTER gave false or misleading information at time of rental, if RENTER cannot be contacted.

    3. Upon failure of the RENTER to surrender the rented vehicle to the COMPANY after reasonable time, the rented vehicle may be declared or reported as carnapped.


    1. The rental and the following validly licensed individuals with RENTER’s permission (“Authorized Drivers”) may operate the vehicle. All other additional Authorized Drivers must appear at the time of the rental and identity be known to the COMPANY.

    2. All Authorized Drivers must have a valid driver’s license. Other qualifications and charges may be in place at the time of the rental.

    3. The RENTER agrees that it shall not allow any of its Authorized Drivers to perform any act that may endanger the driver and his passengers and other parties or damage the rented vehicle.

    4. Accordingly, the RENTER shall NOT:

    • Allow the use of rented vehicle to be operated by an unauthorized driver.
    • Allow the use of rented vehicle in a reckless, willful or wanton negligence.
    • Allow the driver to drive rented vehicle while unfit, intoxicated or otherwise under the influence of drugs or other substances which would impair driving ability.
    • Allow the use of rented vehicle for any illegal or act of felony including but not limited transportation of drugs or contraband
    • Allow the rented vehicle to tow or push anything, to carry persons or property for hire or to engage in a motor vehicle competition.
    • Allow the use of the rented vehicle by a driver whose driver’s license was obtained by fraud or misrepresentations.
    • Allow use of the rented vehicle along off-regularly maintained or off-limits roadways.
    • Allow use of the rented vehicle to carry foul odor, hazardous or explosive substances.
    • Allow use of rented vehicle to transport weight in excess of vehicle’s maximum payload capacity/overloading.
    • Allow use of the rented vehicle where insufficient clearance of height or width exists.
    • Allow use of vehicle to any driver who has no knowledge in operating a stick-shift driven vehicle/manual transmission (if the rented vehicle has manual transmission).
    • Allow the use of the rented vehicle which will result in improper loading.
    • Allow any person using the rented vehicle to leave the vehicle without removing the keys or close and lock all doors, windows and the trunk of the vehicle.
    • Allow the overloading of vehicle or in excess of the person capacity as provided for by law, and shall be compliant to the Child Restraint Laws in case of minor passenger/s.
    • Allow the rented vehicle to travel to areas where roads are not passable for vehicle eg. flooded and to inter-island trips.


    1. During the term of this contact, the RENTER shall have possession and the right to use , maintain and operate the rented vehicle in accordance with COMPANY’s terms and conditions and in strict conformity with all laws, decrees, ordinance and any regulations applicable thereto.

    2. For LONGTERM RENTAL, the RENTER shall be responsible for the basic maintenance of the rented vehicle, such as but not limited to checking of tires/air, water/coolant, brake fluid etc.

    3. For LONGTERM RENTAL, all consumables must be replaced by the RENTER, if it was consumed during the rental period, such as but not limited to fluids, oils, battery/ KEY battery etc.

    4. All movable, must be replaced by the RENTER, if it was damaged/lost during LESSEE’S rent, such as tires/car accessories car tools, radio, matting, carpets stickers, and all other items introduced to the vehicle and contained there-in.

    5. The RENTER shall not to part with the possession of the rented vehicle or to sublease, sell, deliver, mortgage, pledge, encumber or otherwise dispose of it.

    6. The RENTER shall not modify, affix or install or uninstall any device, or accessory on the rented vehicle and shall not make any addition, alternation and /or improvement thereon without the prior written consent of the COMPANY. All additions and improvements of whatever kind or nature made in the rented vehicle shall belong to and become the property of the COMPANY upon the expiration or earlier termination of the rental period.

    7. The RENTER shall not cause any repair to or any replacement of any part or subject the vehicle to engine wash without the prior consent of the COMPANY.

    8. The RENTED shall not tamper with the rented vehicle’s odometer/speedometer or otherwise alter any part the rented vehicle.

    9. The RENTER shall not make or allow any unlawful, improper, or offensive use of the rented vehicle. Any use thereof, for purpose, which are not permitted or in violation of the terms and condition shall entitle the COMPLANY of reimbursement for the damages without prejudice to any penalty it may impose.


    1. The RENTER will not use the vehicle if it is already damaged or in need of repair, and will be responsible for all damage of the Vehicle resulting from further use.


    1. The RENTER shall be liable pay for all fines and penalties to any traffic violation, plus all other costs in connection therewith.

    2. The RENTER agrees that in connection with any claimed violations, any information relating to RENTER may be submitted to governmental authorities, and specifically waiving any liability under the Republic Act 10173 or otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012.


    1. RENTER shall be responsible for the FULL VALUE of the vehicle regardless of fault . Total or partial damage of the vehicle shall be the liability of the RENTER who shall restore it to the original state of the rented vehicle upon turn-over.

    2. In case of any damage, the RENTER shall be responsible to contract and report to the COMPANY immediately.

    3. In case of any damage, the COMPANY shall not return the RENTER’s security deposit unless all the vehicle damage has been fixed or restored by the RENTER and approved by the COMPANY. The RENTER shall ensure that any replacement of any parts shall be of same quality of the previously installed parts of the COMPANY., This is without prejudice to the COMPANY demanding for more compensation if the amount of damage exceeds

    4. The COMPANY shall impose a fine amounting TEN THOUSAND PESOS (P10,000.00) for exposing or bringing any items of foul odor such as but not limited to smoking or bringing smelly fruit inside the rented vehicle to cover for the cleaning costs.

    5. THE RENTER shall be liable to pay for the price of the dealer of the rented vehicle for key replacement incase of loss or damage of keys.

    6. In case of damages caused by the RENTER, aside from liability of the actual damage, the RENTER shall also be responsible for the loss income due to the confinement of the rented vehicle in the repair shop. The RENTER shall be liable for the daily rental rate of the rented vehicle until such has been fully repaired, restored, declared roadworthy and upon approval of the COMPANY.

    7. For lost key/or locked inside the vehicle: The COMPANY carries 24 hour roadside assistance on its rented vehicles. If RENTER requests to provide the duplicate, a service charge of FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (P5,000.00) for Davao City and TWENTY THOUSAND PESOS (P20,000.00) for areas outside of Davao City, on top of the actual fuel expense of the round trip travel.


    1. The RENTER is responsible for any property left or stored in the vehicle, shuttle bus, or anywhere at the renting location , no matter who received, stored or handled the property.


    1. The RENTER shall not be considered the agent or the employee of the COMPANY for all intents and purposes.


    1. The vehicle is covered by a Comprehensive Insurance for Vehicle’s Own Damage and Theft and is also covered by medical damages of PHP100,000.00 per accident.

    2. If the damages caused to the rented vehicle is more than what the insurance can cover the RENTER shall shoulder the rest of fee/payment to restore the vehicle back to the original condition as it was delivered to the RENTER.

    3. If the rented vehicle has been lost/car nabbed or in any case that the RENTER cannot return the vehicle, the RENTER shall be responsible for the total value of the rented vehicle, basing on the selling price of the vehicle at the time of the loss or accident.

    4. In case of total wreckage of the rented vehicle, the RENTER shall be responsible for the total value of the rented vehicle based on the selling price on the time of the accident/police report date.

    5. The RENTER shall also shoulder the daily rental fee of the said vehicle until a new vehicle has been provided to the COMPANY or the damaged vehicle be repaired and is already declared roadworthy. The daily rate shall be based on the previous rental agreement.


    1. If another party is involved in the accident and that party is the one responsible/at fault for the cause of the accident then the RENTER must contact the company/owner of the rented vehicle to report the incident immediately. The RENTER must do the following:

    • Take pictures of the accident from all angles.
    • Photocopy the OR/CR of the other vehicle involved.
    • Photocopy the license and other identification of the third party involved.
    • Call the police for assistance and accomplishment of a police report.
    • Ask the third party involved to sign the LIABILITY FORM attached in the car rental terms and conditions.
    • Copy of the comprehensive insurance of the vehicle involved, if any.

    2. The Liability form attached to the rental terms and condition states the liabilities of the third party at fault/responsible for the accident.

    3. If the party involved in the accident has admitted fault, this will put the RENTER free of the responsibility of payment for damages. However, if the third party responsible escaped liability or does not have the capacity to pay, the RENTER shall answer for the damages.

    4. If the RENTER is involved in an accident involving a person, it is the sole responsibility of the RENTER to shoulder/pay all the expenses for the injury, hospitalization or any other charges incurred due to the accident.


    1. The contract agreement between the leased vehicle and the LESSEE is governed by strict rental terms and conditions that will be effective at the very moment the LESSEE accepts the rented vehicle and signs the contract.


    1. Any amendment to the rental agreement shall be done in writing and signed by the parties. Moreover, Rental agreement may be executed in counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original, and all of which together shall constitute a single agreement.


    1. In the event that the COMPANY shall be constraint to avail of legal remedies due to the breach of the terms and conditions, the RENTER shall be liable to all legal expenses, including attorney fees and court costs

    2. In the event that the COMPANY shall be implicated due to the fault of the RENTER, the latter shall indemnify the former for all legal fees and shall undertake to assume responsibility.

    W. VENUE

    1. The Venue of all actions, arising from or in connection with any violation of this terms and condition as herein stated, shall EXCLUSIVELY vest at the proper courts of DAVAO CITY, and all other venues being expressly waived.