Wedged in the Philippine Sea, Pujada Bay is a natural wonder showcasing islands worthy of international acclaim.

Pujada Bay comprises few islands and has three main attractions: the vanishing Oak Island, Waniban Island and Pujada Island.

With its breathtaking views and well-maintained and protected shorelines, the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Association (MBBWA), a prestigious award-giving body, has recently awarded Pujada Bay as one of the world’s most beautiful bays, making it something we Filipinos should really be proud of.

This remarkably stunning bay is located in Mati City, Davao Oriental, just a few hours away from the busy streets of Davao City.

So what really makes this one of the world’s most beautiful bays? Find out the answers below.

The vanishing Oak Island

As its name suggests, Oak Island vanishes during high tide and reveals itself when the low tide comes. This scenic island is a sandbar located within Pujada Bay.

Oak Island is perfect for sunbathing as there are no shades except for the makeshift tent that fisherfolks created. Other than that, the island is entirely “naked.” Sounds familiar? Yes! Oak Island is similar to the world famous Naked Island in Siargao.

The Waniban Island

This small island is the most interesting in Pujada Bay. It is pretty unique as it showcases a fine, white-sand shoreline on one side and beautiful rock formations on the other side.

Aside from the usual swimming activity, you can also do snorkeling on the side of the island. You can also swim in shallow natural pools on the other side.

Waniban Island’s story is also a fascinating one. It is a privately owned island. Currently, there’s an ongoing territorial dispute between the owners of the island, that is why at the moment, no one is allowed to come visit.

With its differing shorelines surrounded, the Waniban Island is a tropical paradise we need.

The Pujada Island

Just a few meters from Oak Island lies the 156-hectare Pujada Island, the largest among the three. It is an island bestowed with an abundance of white-sand shoreline blanketed with lush tropical greenery and crystal clear waters atop a clear azure sky. Aside from these, you can also see lakes and rivers on this island.

Pujada Island is truly one of the best islands in the Philippines. or the world, perhaps. Its overall view is simply breathtaking. Plus, it is a well-maintained island with no signs of extreme development.

Sure, the local government has tried to make it commercialized the past years, but it has managed to maintain its beauty through conscious and sustainable tourism.

It is not overcrowded with tourists as the local government continues to regulate the number of people on the island to preserve its beauty and not disturb its rich and diverse marine biodiversity.

With this, you can enjoy the privacy you want on this island.

There are a few privately owned resorts in Pujada Island that you can try, but you can also choose to bring a tent with you, as most parts of the island can be enjoyed free.

Pujada Island is also the home of different species of sharks, Philippine dugongs, whale sharks, and hawkbill and green sea turtles.


How to get to Pujada Bay

There are many ways to get to Pujada Bay as numerous resorts offer day tours. However, you have to get to Mati City first. Mati is a 4-hour drive from Davao. To get there, you have two options: public transportation or renting a car from us.

If you want to take public transportation, the 4-hour drive will be a 5-hour drive or even more to Mati City. The travel duration to Mati depends on bus stops and queues in bus inspections, especially if nearby towns implement border control to lessen the COVID-19 cases in its area of governance.

Make sure to check the Facebook pages of Local Government Units in Davao Oriental to keep updated with their travel announcements, especially travel restrictions.

Just like with any trip, your first destination is the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCTTO). Once you’re there, you have to take a bus trip bound for Mati City. The bus fare ranges from P240 to P370.

Upon your arrival, you can hire a habal-habal or sidecar to take you to the city proper or anywhere in Mati City. Unfortunately, fare prices are not fixed.

The most popular option when heading to Pujada Bay is to hire local boatmen because they can offer you flexible prices that suit your travel budget. Of course, the Pujada Bay travel package might differ in price depending on how you negotiate with local helmspersons.

Still, the usual price range is between P2500 to P3500 pesos. The local boatmen will serve as your tour guides, so treat them with utmost respect, kindness and professionalism.

We highly recommend bringing your own food and drinks because there are a few stores on Pujada Island, and they might not have what you are looking for. Bring an ice chest to preserve perishable goods or store soft drinks.


The easiest way to get to Pujada Bay

Skip the hassles of public transportation and make your trip worry-free by renting a car from us.

By doing this, you have complete control of your travel. You can make a quick stop anywhere you want as there are many attractions, restaurants and souvenir shops on your way to Pujada Bay. You can also travel all by yourself or with just a limited number of people.

Plus, you can cut your travel time from 5 hours to 3 hours or even less. The best part is you can save a significant amount of money when choosing a car rental to get to Pujada Bay.

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