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Every now and then, a new destination in the Philippines pops up out of the blue, causing amazement to many.

With the country being composed of 7,641 islands, it has become a paradise for many people, locals and foreigners alike. From the world-renowned island of Boracay to the beautiful stretch of Palawan, this tropical country has become the top travel destination in Asia.

One of the undiscovered paradises in the southern part of the country that is slowly gaining traction among Filipinos and foreign nationals is the island of Mati in Davao Oriental.

About three to four hours away from the capital (Davao City), this travel destination offers its tourists an out-of-this-world and excellent mixture of beautiful bays and beaches as well as awesome natural and man-made wonders.

How to get to Mati:
From Davao, it will take about three and a half to four hours by land if you take the bus or a commuter van. After that, you will have to transfer to a tricycle or a single motorcycle called by the locals “habal-habal.” Travel time here is approximately 20 minutes.

We at Car Rental Davao can make your travel more seamless and hassle-free by renting a vehicle from us. By riding a private vehicle, you can cut your travel time by at least an hour. The good part is that you don’t need to transfer from one vehicle to another, as you can get directly to Mati with just one single ride. Yes, just one single ride!

An even more amazing part is that you can have your family or friends accompany you on this journey if you rent a vehicle from us. With a sedan, you can have at least a company of five, and if you decide to rent an SUV, you can take at least seven people. We also offer a van that will allow you to take at least ten people with you.


skimboarding in mati

Skimboarding and surfboarding in Mati
Like the popular Boracay, Mati has some of the best beaches in the Davao region. Here, you will experience not only its breathtaking view, but also its crystal blue water and powdery white sand that are unlike any other beaches.

If you are into skimboarding and surfboarding, Mati is the right choice for you. One of the most popular beaches here, Dahican Beach, has been a haven for skimboarding and surfing enthusiasts. In fact, with many people flocking here to experience these sports, Dahican Beach has officially been dubbed the “Skimboarding Capital of Davao City.”


mount hamiguitan in mati

Hike the World’s Largest Pygmy Forest: Mount Hamiguitan
Aside from its amazing beaches, Mati is also home to the first and, so far, only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mindanao: the Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary.

A top site for mountain climbers and outdoor enthusiasts, Mount Hamiguitan offers a breathtaking view of the natural wonders above its range. These include Tinagong Dagat or Hidden Sea, and Twin Waterfalls.

Truly, this is one spot you shouldn’t miss!

Rent a Vehicle from Car Rental Davao
Our team here at Car Rental Davao highly recommends you visit Mati, particularly Dahican Beach and Mount Hamiguitan. To rent a vehicle from us, you can contact us directly at 0939-972-9846. You can also email us at jason@carrentaldavao.com or book via our Book A Car page.