Hours away from the metropolis of Davao City settles a premier ecotourism and wellness destination known as El Don Resort.

Surrounded by all things green and Mediterranean architectural design that faces the blue horizon of Davao Gulf, El Don Resort is a five-star resort nestled in the verdant terrains of Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental.

This 21-hectare premier resort is located at Brgy. Pundaguitan. It offers world-class and sophisticated accommodation and as well as top-notch ecotourism experience that can only be found in Mindanao.

For this week’s travel guide, we are e-touring you to this first class resort. And without further ado, here are the top reasons why you should visit El Don Resort.


1. Five-star experience at a very affordable price

El Don Resort is a five-star resort without five-star prices. Room rates here start at P5,000, good for two persons per day.

The resort has six villas composed of the Casa Jardin and Casa Del Mar. Casa Jardin has three villas fronting the swimming pool area., while Casa Del Mar also has three villas with a scenic and picturesque beachfront view.

The resort’s grounds, rooms and aesthetics are impeccably maintained, ensuring a luxurious experience without luxurious prices.

The staff accommodation is also superb! They provide world-class hospitality service. Anything you need, they will get it for you. They will serve you food or drinks anywhere in the property. As in anything. You just need to ask.


2. Road trip like no other

Getting there is an experience on its own. First, pass by the beautiful coastal road. The 206-kilometer drive will take you to the south, mostly along the coast, giving you many photo opportunities along the way.

The amazing part of the drive starts after turning south on junction Manikling Road, which takes you through Governor Generoso along the coast.

Mount Hamiguitan will be off to your left, creating a beautiful mountainous view, especially when the clouds form around the top.

The breathtaking view creates a perfect saturation and blast of colors as you will see the mountains on your left and crystal clear water on your right.

Finally, witness the panoramic view of the calm water of Davao Gulf as you pass by the local fishing villages. The air is immaculate, adding up to the soothing experience of your drive to El Don Resort.


3. Swim on their powdery, white sand beach with crystal clear water

Walk on their white sand beach of El Don as if you were in movies.  The view of its shoreline is Instagrammable, and no one will stop you from posing and gracing your swimwear.

If you are not in the mood to swim in the sea and want to feel the breeze coming from the Davao Gulf, you can meditate or relax on one of the lined-up cabanas in the resort.

Surely, the stunning view, relaxing ambiance, and orchestrating sounds of the wave crashing on the shore will soothe your body and soul.


4. Experience a relaxing walk in their mangrove forest

One of your El Don trip highlights is visiting and taking a little trek to their mangrove forest. Let a simple walk help ease anxiety, depression and negative mood. Be mesmerized with the view of the flourishing forest. Reconnect to nature. You wouldn’t want to miss this.


5. Experience water sports activities

El Don also offers watersport activities to let you enjoy your stay at the resort. You can rent a jet ski, go kayaking in the forest or enjoy snorkeling while swimming in the seawater. You can also just rent a floater and swim in relaxation.

Below are the watersport activities and their rental fees:

  • Jet ski with a floater – P4,000 for the first hour and P1500 for the succeeding hour
  • Floater – P500
  • Kayak – P500 for the first hour and P300 for the succeeding hour
  • Snorkeling gears – P500 for the first hour and P200 for the next hour


6. Experience on-site leisure activities

The resort also has available activities for the kids and the kids at heart. This includes billiards, ping-pong, football, darts and basketball.

One thing that we loved is that the equipment does not have to be checked out. It is all right there, ready for you to use anytime.

Your stay will be worthwhile because you will have the chance to bond with your loved ones in the leisure activities the resort offers.


7. Appreciate the promise of El Don Resort

El Don Resort remains true to its promise of being a solid ecotourism destination. From its impeccably maintained grounds, well-manicured gardens to flourished mangrove forest, their attitude toward the conservation of our natural resources is really commendable.

One of the most amazing things we found almost immediately was the giant webs with giant spiders. At first, they are intimidating. However, when we asked why they left them up, they said that it was their habitat and we were only the visitors. They are right.

That attitude about the environment and ecosystem is really at the heart of El Don Resort. They are really true to their words.


8. Visit nearby tourist destinations

About a 10-minute drive south of El Don Resort, you will find the famous Parola or Cape of San Agustin. We have blogged about this before, so make sure to read it first before heading to the Parola.

To get a peek of how majestic El Don is, watch this vlog of our friends at Sailing SV Matahom on YouTube. See video below. Give them a like too and subscribe!


How to get to El Don Resort

To get to El Don Resort, you have two choices: take the public transportation or rent a private vehicle.


1. By bus or van

Let’s say you are a tourist from the north, the starting point will be at Francisco Bangoy International Airport, commonly known as Davao International Airport. From here, you may ride a taxi and tell the driver to take you to Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT). Upon arrival, head first to the ticketing booth and ask for a bus or van bound for Lavigan, Governor Generoso.

Keep in mind that bus and van trips from Davao City to Governor Generoso will only stop at designated terminals.

Picking-up or dropping off passengers other than the designated terminals is extremely prohibited at the moment due to travel restrictions to lessen the COVID-19 community transmission.

Travelers and commuters are required to present identification cards and fill out their embarkation form upon entering Governor Generoso.

Travel time from Davao City to Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental usually takes an estimated time of 4 hours. Upon arrival at the terminal, take a habal-habal to El Don Resort.


2. By rental vehicles from Car Rental Davao

If you don’t like to experience the hassle of long hours of land travel, transferring from one mode of transportation to another, and with a high risk of getting COVID-19, the best option for you is to reserve a rental car from us. It is way safer than public transportation.

Renting a car is also best for travelers who are planning to have a family or group outing to ensure your and your loved ones’ safety. You will also save a huge amount of money as well. It is more convenient and practical.

What’s more, you will enjoy your trip to El Don Resort if you opt to rent a car from us because there are many photo opportunities along the way. Renting a car will give you complete control of when and where to stop to take photographs, videos, or simply sight-seeing the beautiful sceneries on your way to the resort.

For tourists outside Davao, we can arrange an airport car rental for you. Choose a rental car unit, and we’ll have it delivered to the city airport upon your arrival. If you are already in Davao, we can also have it dropped off at your exact location.

Sedan, SUV, and vans, we have the rental car units you need, and we are available to take your car bookings 24/7. If you need one for your trip, for a short or long-term car rental basis, contact us directly, and we’d be glad to entertain you.


We are available through the following options:

  • Our Book A Car page
  • +63906-059-1323 or +63945-238-4283 (for English speakers)
  • sales@carrentaldavao.com

If you plan to stay in Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental for long, we can also offer special car rental deals for you. Just let us know ahead of time.


Room Rates

Weekend Rates (Friday and Saturday) inclusive of breakfast, access to the swimming pool, and one-hour use of Entertainment/Activity Building

  • P6,000.00 suitable for two persons
  • P9,000.00 good for three persons
  • P12,000.00 good for four persons
  • P2,000.00 is charged to every person exceeding the required number of guests

If you plan to stay overnight at the resort, children 8 years below can share the same bed and bedding set-up with an adult for free. Prepare P350.00 additional charge for breakfast on the next day.

  • Weekday Rates (Wednesday and Thursday) inclusive of breakfast and access to the swimming pool
  • P5,000.00 suitable for two persons
  • P7,500.00 good for three persons
  • P10,000.00 good for four persons
  • P1,500.00 is charged to every person exceeding the required number of guests

If you plan to stay overnight at the resort, children 8 years below can share the same bed and bedding set-up with an adult for free. Prepare P350.00 additional charge for breakfast on the next day.

Take note that the guests share the view decks, verandas, and common living rooms in Casa Jardin and Casa Del Mar unless a villa or the whole resort has been exclusively rented by other guests

El Don Resort will not accept walk-in guests for day tours and overnight stay from Sunday to Tuesday to sanitize the whole resort. This is an obligation and initiative of El Don Resort to ensure a safe and comfortable environment.


How to contact El Don Resort

Brgy. Pundaguitan, Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental

Mobile No.: 0917-722-1506 / 0919-001-9294

Email Address: reservations@eldonresort.com

Website: http://www.eldonresort.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElDonResort/


Booking Office:

El Don Resort Office

Roadway Inn Mezzanine Floor, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City

Monday-Saturday from 9AM to 6PM


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