Are you tired of your usual travel destinations? Have you been longing for a drive that will immerse you with nature and history? There’s a spot in Davao that can give you that: Cape San Agustin.

Popularly known as Parola, Cape San Agustin is located at Sitio Talisay in Barangay Lavigan, the southernmost barangay of Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental. It is adjacent to the wide stormy waters of Celebes Sea on the south and the tranquil waters of Davao Gulf on the west. It is accessible by land travel and is just hours away from the busy streets of Davao City.

For this week’s Car Rental Davao travel guide, we are listing down the 7 reasons why you should visit Cape San Agustin.

1. Witness the mesmerizing and stunning view of the Celebes Sea and Davao Gulf

Be captivated by the picturesque and scenic view of the sea where the raging waves of the Celebes Sea meet the calm water of Davao Gulf. The view of the sea horizon from the vantage point at Parola will make you appreciate the incredible beauty of nature. It is one of a kind experience, and the view itself is a sight to behold that you definitely should witness.

2. Experience the Parola Beach or Pink Beach of GovGen

Why spend a tremendous amount of money to visit some of the renowned pink beaches overseas when we have one here in the Philippines? Yes, you read it right. It’s not common knowledge but we have it here in the country and it’s called Parola Beach, located of course at Cape San Agustin.

People who have been here dubbed this beautiful stretch of powdery and pinkish sand as the Pink Beach of Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental. It is also known as the Pundaguitan Beach.

Unlike common and commercialized destinations in the country, the Parolna Beach remains untouched as there is only minimal development around the area. It likewise only accommodates only a few number of tourists.

You cannot see cottages nor houses along its shoreline because this beach is secluded from the nearby community. The solemnity and relaxing ambiance of the place makes it a perfect place to swim with your family, friends, or loved ones.


3. Travel back in time with the colorful history of Parola

A trip to Cape San Agustin is educational and immersive. It’s an opportunity for you to learn the lighthouses’ importance and why they were built in the first place. This trip will also give you a chance to reflect on our forefathers’ sacrifices during World War I and World War II.

Cape of San Agustin was considered a critical strategic navigational demarcation during the Spanish colonial era and it played a vital importance for the Americans and Japanese in World War II. There are a lot of Japanese shipwrecks in this area because it was a favorite hunting ground of American submarines during WWII.

There are three magnificent lighthouses in the area located at its farthest end and they overlook the Celebes Sea and Davao Gulf.

The oldest lighthouse stands about 50 feet and has an exterior spiral staircase of 93 steps going to the top. It was built in 1938. The umbrella-shaped lighthouse, meanwhile, stands in the middle with about 80 feet in height.

Lastly, the newest lighthouse has a towering height of 100 feet, making it the tallest among the three.

Witness the stunning panoramic view of the Celebes Sea and the Gulf of Davao while you are on top of one of these lighthouses. Feel the breeze of air coming from the sea and be astonished by the majestic view it offers. No words can describe how beautiful the sight I witnessed while I was on top of it.


4. Get a closer view of “The Altar”

Among the beautiful rock formations crafted for centuries in the area, one of these rock formations is what the locals dubbed as “The Altar,” because it witnessed the foundation of Christianity in Governor Generoso.

The Spanish missionary priest, St. Francis Xavier, celebrated the first Holy Eucharist and Holy Mass on the Cape’s rock formation when he arrived in the Philippines in 1550. That is why it was named “The Altar.”

This natural rock formation is standing 60 feet high from the ground. It withstands the endless smash of raging waves of the Pacific Ocean at Barangay Lavigan.

St. Francis Xavier was named the patron saint of Governor Generoso because of the saint’s personal presence in Cape San Agustin in 1550.


5. Witness the stunning view of “The Last Islet”

It is located between the raging waves of the Celebes Sea and the calm waters of Davao Gulf. Between the two bodies of water lies the sea cliff named “The Islet” — the furthest point of Cape San Agustin, the southeasterly most end of the Philippines.

The islet has been formed through centuries and the unique rock formations by the raging waves of the Celebes Sea. On top of the islet is lush vegetation that makes it a quite surreal and scenic view.

6. Dive to witness the abundance of marine species and astonishing corals of Cape San Agustin Reef

Cape of San Agustin is an ecological biodiversity housing different species of land and marine animals, including corals.

Within the raging waves of the Celebes Sea and calm water of Cape San Agustin lies the San Agustin Reef. The reef runs for three kilometers with about a kilometer wideness. It is home to some majestic sea creatures like whales, dolphins and sea cows.

There is no denying that the area teems with marine life. Its corals are pristine. Although the reef is not that popular diving site due to its strong currents and remoteness, many are still attempting to try.


7. Experience the road trip like no other

Who says long hours of drive to Parola is such a hassle? Wait until you experience the trip to Cape San Agustin.

I was accompanied by my travel buddy, and he was the one who drove the rented car to Parola. For the first time, I had not fallen asleep while we were heading to our destination. The scenic and picturesque view of the coastal road of Governor Generoso made me feel relaxed.

The calm and placid waters of Davao Gulf fringed with lush greenery, and simple local communities justified the place’s tranquility.  Never did I imagine that Governor Generoso has that perfect view of the sea horizon.

Feast your eyes with this scenic view, which you can only see in postcards and stock photos. You will feel the bliss and calmness like no other.



How to Get to Cape of San Agustin

Interested in visiting Cape San Agustin? You have two choices: take public transportation or rent a private vehicle.

1. Taking the Bus or Van

From Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT), you can ride the bus bound for Lavigan, Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental. The bus schedules are 1:00AM, and 5:00AM every day. The trip will be around 5 hours long.

Another option is to ride an L300 van at Gaisano Mall and Victoria Plaza along J.P. Laurel Ave., Davao City. Once you have arrived at Poblacion, you have to take a habal-habal ride or a motorcycle. That’s another hour-long trip.


2. Renting a car

Commuting to Cape San Agustin is a bit of a hassle, so renting a vehicle is the best option out there. If you want to skip the hassle of taking multiple modes of public transportation, then this is something you should highly consider. Car Rental Davao is the car rental agency you can count on for this.

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