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Davao Region is famous not just for being a center of agricultural trade and a melting pot of rich cultures, but also for its travel destinations. Aside from having the best beaches in the world, it also houses some of the country’s most splendid waterfalls.

The Aliwagwag Falls in Cateel, Kapuka Falls in Caraga, Curtain Falls in Campawan, Panas Falls and Epol Falls in Davao City and Paogpogon Falls in Baganga are just some of the many you can find in this region.

And here’s another one worthy of being added to your to-visit list: the Awao Falls. This enchanting waterfall, which sits on gold-rich land in Davao de Oro, fascinates not just travelers who are used to chasing waterfalls, but also people from different walks of life.

Situated in the secluded barangay of the same name, Awao Falls is one of Monkayo’s priceless jewels. Even though Davao de Oro, formerly Compostela Valley, is a heavily mined province, Awao Falls remains untouched and undisturbed up to this day.

Surrounded by flourishing forest home to diverse wildlife, this grandiose waterfall prides itself with three cascading foliage-taped boulders fringed with plants and grasses.

The first tier is the main attraction or the façade of Awao Falls. With an astonishing height of 80 feet, water drapes from the top of the accented boulder, creating a beautifully and intricately patterned white-water curtain. Commonly known as Falls 1, the first tier has a few open cottages around the area with a water basin perfect for swimming.

To reach the second tier, one must take a short yet challenging ascent upstream. Once you’re at the second tier, its water basin will welcome you. Not as tall as the first layer, the second cascade, aptly called Falls 2, is 25 meters high. It also offers few open cottages to accommodate visitors and tourists wanting to witness its beauty. The third cascade, meanwhile, is just right on top of the second tier. With a 20-meter height and a shallow natural pool, it is smaller than the second one.

Rumor has it that a fourth tier exists further upstream. However, this is only a hearsay from local folks because up to this day, there is still no documented image of its existence.

Fortunately, Awao Falls has preserved its unadulterated beauty even as it becomes more and more well-known among tourist goers, thanks largely to the local government unit of Monkayo for taking initiatives to maintain its raw and natural beauty.

How to get to Awao Falls

Once you’re at the DCTTO ground, take a bus bound for Monkayo. The bus fare is P130 for a non-air-conditioned bus and P145 for an air-conditioned bus. The travel time is approximately 3 hours.

Upon arrival at Monkayo’s bus terminal, look for a habal-habal (motorcycle) or a modified motorcycle, famously dubbed as skylab. Take either of these and head straight to Awao Falls.

Once you’re in the vicinity, you have the freedom to select which of the two ways leading to Falls 1 and Falls 2 you’ll choose. It’s best to visit Falls 1 first before going to Falls 2.

The easiest way to get to Awao Falls

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