Tucked in the lush green forest of Barangay Lamiawan in Caraga, Davao Oriental is the unadulterated and majestic Kapuka Falls sitting along the Lamiawan River.

With its unique white-water curtain with towering rock boulders, Kapuka Falls appears like cotton dropping from its more than 160-feet cascade.

This scenic waterfall has a turquoise water basin draining down to the river. Its water is so immaculate that even though it rained the night before, it rarely appears cloudy.

Barangay Lamiawan’s unsullied forest teems with endemic species (flora and fauna) so expect that on your way to the waterfall — as it’s situated beneath the heart of the forest — you’ll see wonders of nature you do not see in your day-to-day city life.

Feast your eyes with kaleidoscopic butterflies as they will welcome you a few meters from the actual waterfall.

Be mesmerized by the bubbling of streams, buzzing of insects, singing of birds and the rustling of leaves as if mother nature calls you to commune with nature entirely. These natural harmonies are music to the ears and you can all find them here.

Indeed, Kapuka Falls has an undeniable beauty. If you have plans on exploring the gems of Davao Oriental, be sure to add Kapuka Falls to your must-visit travel destinations.


How to get to Kapuka Falls

As mentioned above, Kapuka Falls is tucked in the unspoiled forest, so getting there is not a walk in the park.

Caraga is a four-hour drive from Davao City. To get there, you have two options: take public transportation or rent a car from us.

If you opt to take public transportation, your first destination is the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT). Once you’re there, take a bus bound to Caraga, Davao Oriental.

It would be best if you get vaccinated first before going here, and in case you already are, remember to still wear your facemask at all times to protect yourself from contracting COVID-19. There’s no denying that wearing a face shield during the whole duration of your travel is troublesome. However, you have to comply or be fined and not allowed to travel for breaking travel protocols.

One important aspect to note is that by taking public transportation, you will be exposed to a lot of people: strangers, co-passengers, bus conductors and vendors etc. To lessen the risk of getting the virus, properly wear your facemask, maintain a 1-meter distance from other people, and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Upon your arrival in Caraga, you have to take a habal-habal or motorcycle to take you to Lamiawan Barangay Hall, where visitors planning to visit Kapuka Falls need to register and pay P50 for an environmental fee. Once paid, the tourism staff then will assign a habal-habal driver who will also serve as your tour guide. The guide fee is P300.

The habal-habal will take you to Sitio Gab — the starting point of your trek. Expect the descent to last for only 20 minutes. Remember that this is not a race. Take it easy and stop for a quick rest if there is a need to do so.

By the time you are already by the riverbank of Lamiawan River, you will see a faint glimpse of the astounding beauty of Kapuka Falls. From there, you have to navigate the stream on foot to reach the waterfall.

After trekking the rocky stream for about 15 minutes, in which you have to climb a few rock boulders, you’ll finally reach the water basin of Kapuka Falls. By this time, Kapuka Falls will finally unveil its pristine beauty concealed with flourishing and towering trees and grasses.

Feast your eyes with its exquisite white-water curtain, unbelievably pristine turquoise water and astounding cascade that are a sight to behold.

The most convenient way to get to Kapuka Falls

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