With the continuing spread of COVID-19, it’s easy to be stressed these days. The feeling of uncertainty, as well as insecurity, causes us to worry so much. This, in turn, makes us more stressed and more anxious, and we all know that is not a good thing.

As we continue to face this pandemic, allow us to shift gears a little and focus on a destination that offers not only a variety of attractions and activities, but also spa and holistic wellness — two things that all of us need under this new normal.

For our blog post this week, we are putting a spotlight on a vacation spot that promotes overall well-being. This is not your usual travel guide, but rather a vacation guide, and we’ll show you why you should consider going on a trip here.

This trip took place almost a year ago, and it’s only now that we see the need to document it for you. Read below.


What to expect from Malagos Garden Resort

Situated at Malagos, Baguio District in Davao, the Malagos Garden Resort is a place that perfectly showcases the beauty of nature, food, and arts.

This isn’t just any ordinary resort as it is composed of attractions that are good for the heart and the soul. Not to mention, the stomach. Below are what’s in store for you.


1. Feed the birds at a feeding dome

Have a one of a kind experience hanging out with birds via the Bird Feeding Dome. Here, you will have a chance to interact with different types of birds up close. You can also experience feeding them.

A bird show is also on during weekends, and there’s also an animal encounter show wherein you can have close interactions with their adorable Petting Zoo residents. You can feed goats and ducks, pet mini-horses, or have fun observing the rabbits. What’s more, you can also witness the Falconry Show. Enjoy and be educated about the conservation of our birds of prey while watching the show.

Cameras are allowed here and you can take pictures while holding the birds. But also be careful at the same time.

Photo: nicMilano


2. Learn about all things butterfly at a butterfly sanctuary and museum

Have a closer look at the butterflies flying freely all over the dome via a butterfly sanctuary called the Malagos Butterfly Sanctuary. There is also a separate museum called Museo De Mariposa, where visitors can learn more about these beautiful insects and their different species.

Everyone is allowed inside — kids and adults — and you can also take pictures. They are Instagram-worthy, I tell you.

Photo: Jaizhi T


3. Enter the famed Malagos Chocolate Museum

Experience touring the first-ever chocolate museum in the country — the Malagos Chocolate Museum. Founded on March 8, 2017, the museum aims at showcasing and preserving the cacao industry in the region.

Inside the museum, you will be greeted by the so-called chocolate park. This attraction is filled with sculptures of giant ants and enormous chocolates perfectly fringed around the park.

Be educated with the making of Malagos chocolate bar with audio-visual presentations, infographics, audio lectures, and interactive displays inside the museum.

If those aren’t enough, you can also head to the Malagos chocolate laboratory, where you can experience making your own chocolate for only P400. You have the freedom to create the flavor of your chocolate bar, and you can mix it with chili, durian, candy bits, dried mango, or pistachio.

Just a tip: Ask someone to accompany you here. The chocolate you’re about to make is also good for two people already. It’s always best to share, right?

Photo: Amani C.


4. Dine in at their budget-friendly restaurants

This resort has several restaurants inside that offer budget-friendly food offerings. At the top of the list is Koi Café, a coffee shop that is known for its classic brick oven pizza made with the very delicious Malagos farmhouse cheese. There’s also the Viewdeck Café, a relaxing bar which offers an array of snacks made with Malagos cheese and chocolate. They also serve traditional Filipino dishes, as well as international cuisine, so you have everything here.

Other places to try are Roberto’s Restaurant, a restaurant that serves buffet and Madayaw Lounge, the restaurant located beside the resort’s lobby which offers an affordable dining experience for tourists with a tight budget.

Photo: Malagos Garden Resort


5. Experience the Malagos Chocolate Spa

Now, the whole point of going to Malagos Garden Resort, really, is to relax. And what better way to achieve that than to have a nice spa, and not just any other spa, but at their Malagos Chocolate Spa.
Have yourself pampered at their world-class wellness and retreat spa, this after a long day of experiencing the activities offered by the resort.

Every service they offer, from facial treatment to a whole body massage, is being done with ingredients derived from its cacao farm. That means that you’ll experience being slathered with chocolates all over their body. How amazing is that?

Cacao has antioxidants so this is proven to be safe for spa use, and studies suggest that it does have anti-ageing effects and is effective against free-radical damage in your skin.

Whether it’s a foot massage, a head and shoulder massage, leg massage, body scrub or even “hilot,” they have a package available for you.

Just a tip: In case you are allergic to chocolate, you can opt for their ginger oil instead. Just tell them ahead so they can offer you that option.

Photo: ABS-CBN


How to get to Malagos Garden Resort

To get to Malagos Garden Resort, you can either commute or rent a car.

If you prefer commuting, there are 3 options for you. First, you can take a taxi ride from the city proper. You can also ride an L300 van en route to Calinan from the Bangkerohan Terminal. Travel time is approximately an hour and once you get to there, you have to take another 10-minute habal-habal (motorcycle) or tricycle drive.

Another option for you is to take a jeepney ride bound to Milan, Buhangin. From there, you have to wait for another jeepney trip, this time bound to Bankerohan.  Tell the driver to drop you at the Annil Bus terminal, where you can ride a bus bound to Calinan.

Once you’re at Calinan, you also need to transfer to a tricycle or motorcycle.

A more convenient way for you is to rent a vehicle. That way, you can get to the resort easier and there’s no need for you to transfer from a cab or van to motorcycle/tricycle. Your travel is also guaranteed to be smooth and you can also bring your family with you.

If you opt for a car rental, first thing you need to do is to pick which type of vehicle best suits your trip. If you’re travelling alone or with a small group, Car Rental Davao has the sedan units for you. Or if you decide to take your family with you, we also have SUVs and vans available for rent. Booking is easy and you have the option to do it online (just click here) or via call (+63906-059-1323) or email (sales@carrentaldavao.com).

Taking a rental car with you, travel time is estimated to be just 40 minutes.

Now, to get to Malagos, just head south of Davao to reach Ulas junction. Turn right following the Bukidnon-Davao (BuDa) Highway and then left to reach the Calinan crossing. From there, you have to turn right after reaching the small rotunda in the same direction as the Philippine Eagle Center.

Photo: nicMilano


Booking there

If you are planning to stay more than a day at Malagos Garden Resort, you can try their Malagos Villa for as low as P5,800 per night. That is good for 2 people already. It includes welcome drinks, welcome treat, turndown service, swimming pool use, and set breakfast. You will also have access to the Chocolate Museum, Bird Feeding Dome and Museo de Mariposa.


Fees to keep in mind

Entrance Fee for adults – P250

Weekends with Bird Show at 10:30AM – P300
Weekends with Bird Show and 10:30AM and lunch buffet at 11AM – P650

Entrace fee for children – P125
Weekends with Bird Show at 10:30AM – P150
Weekends with Bird Show and 10:30AM and lunch buffet at 11AM – P325


How to contact Malagos Garden Resort

Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/malagosgardenresort
Twitter: @malagosdavao
Instagram: @malagosdavao
Email Address: reservations2@malagos.com
Telephone: 082 224 7438
Mobile: +63917-625-2467

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