Maco is a first-class municipality in the province of Davao de Oro which was once a center of the mining industry in the region. Mining comes second to agriculture in terms of being an economic contributor, reason why Maco has positioned itself as the hub of both large and small-scale mining operations in the country.

In recent years, however, Maco has reimagined itself as a geological and geothermal attraction, thanks to spots like the Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfalls.

Formerly known as Mainit Sulfuric Hot Spring, this steaming waterfall is the pride of the province and it’s rich in history and tradition. In fact, its new name “Bilawa” is a nod to the province’s cultural significance, in particular to the Mansaka tribe. Since time immemorial, the natives have always called the place Bilawa, which literally translates to ‘waterfall’ in their mother tongue.

Why You Should Visit Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfalls


1. Witness a view like no other

Geothermal attractions are rather bizarre sights to witness. Some of these are safe to explore, some are not. But one thing remains the same — these attractions will never fail thrill seekers with their ethereal beauty and the therapeutic experience they offer.

Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfall is not your usual hot spring or waterfall. It is a combination of both. The best part is everyone can enjoy both its warm and hot waters.


2. Experience the therapeutic effects of Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfalls

There is always an unexplainable healing power and rejuvenating effect every time you soak your body in hot springs. This hot waterfall offers a unique and relaxing warm bathing experience. People believe that the hot waters in Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfalls have natural health benefits and therapeutic effects. The sulfuric water coming from the hot waterfalls is said to be effective in improving blood circulation, reducing stress and relieving muscle cramps and pain.


3. Experience natural sauna

Aside from unconventional hot spring experience, Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfalls also showcases a spa-like experience with the natural saunas inside small caves created through the formation of stalactites for thousands of years. These small caves trap the heat of the warm water flowing from the cascades above them, making natural saunas everyone can enjoy.

Remember: Drink a lot of water before entering the natural sauna to avoid dehydration because you will sweat heavily, just like in an artificial sauna.


4. Try Bilawa’s full-body massage and sulfur-rich clay face mask

To complete your extraordinary spa-like experience in Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfalls, experience its full-body massage and sulfur-rich clay face mask. They have experienced and well-trained masseurs, so expect to receive top-notch accommodation and a five-star massage experience.

From the revitalizing cascading waters of the hot waterfall to full-body massage with sulfur-rich clay face mask, self-pampering never felt this fulfilling. After all, your Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfalls experience is incomplete if you haven’t tried their pampering services.

Try Bilawa’s full-body massage for as low as P300. You may also want to try its steaming service costing around P100 per person for a 30 minutes relaxing experience. Then, complete your spa-like experience with manicure, pedicure and foot spa for P150 for each service.


5. Take advantage of their affordable amenities and facilities

Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfalls is an eco-tourism resort equipped with budget-friendly amenities and facilities, perfect for travelers looking for a fun, thrilling and laid-back experience without costing a fortune.

The entrance fee is P5 for residents of Brgy. Mainit where the hot waterfall is located and P80 for non-residents. Bilawa also offers discounted entrance fees for senior citizens, persons with exceptionalities and students for only P50.

You can also rent the resort’s open cottage for as low as P350.

Let’s say you haven’t rented a vehicle or owned one. In that case, Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfalls also offers transportation going back to Maco Terminal for P100.

And here’s the best part: you don’t have to worry about running out of supplies or forgetting your toiletries because this resort has a sari-sari store or a mini grocery store. Everything you need is there.

The Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfalls is open from 6AM until 5PM.

Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

How to get to Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfalls

Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfalls is a 2-hour drive away from the busy streets of Davao City metropolis. To get there, you have two options: take public transportation or rent a vehicle from us.

If you choose the former, the first step is for you to head over to the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCTTO) and take a bus bound for Maco.

Since we are still in a global pandemic, we don’t want close contact with strangers, and public transportation cannot guarantee that. Traveling in a public utility bus or van means you are going to have close contact with other passengers. You just have no choice.

To limit the COVID-19 virus, make sure to get fully vaccinated first before embarking on a trip (see where you can get vaccinated here). Also, wear your face mask at all times, sanitize your hands using alcohol and maintain social distancing.

Now, once you’re at Maco Terminal, look for a motorcycle, or what locals call “ongbak” or “habal-habal,” that will take you to Bilawa Hot Waterfalls for P150 fare. You will be there in no time.

The most convenient way to get to Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfalls

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How to contact Bilawa Mainit Hot Waterfalls

Brgy. Mainit, Maco, Davao de Oro

Mobile: 0907 149 0744

Email: rldiego.scic@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bilawa-Mainit-Hot-Waterfall-Official-102184265225840/?ref=page_internal


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