Situated in the coastal town of Banganga, Davao Oriental is the San Victor Island, an island facing the vast Pacific Ocean and all the beauty that surrounds it.

This 3-hectare tropical island covered with towering and old coconut trees, talisay trees, and mangrove trees is located in the peaceful Barangay San Victor, just 20-minute away from Baganga’s town. It is owned by the Diocese of Mati and is currently being managed by the Catholic Parish of Baganga.

One factor that makes it an ideal place for a peaceful escape is that it is just less than 5 minutes away from mainland Baganga. In addition, it also has electricity and a sufficient water supply, just right for travelers planning to stay longer.

San Victor Island also offers overnight accommodations. From tents to dorm-type rooms, they have what you are looking for. Unfortunately, at the moment, they only accept up to 150 guests.

Another thing that makes it appealing to its visitors is that it has a rich marine life. Its unadulterated corals serve as home to diverse sea creatures. Dolphins can be seen frolicking in the corner of the island in the early morning. Green sea turtles and sharks can be seen swimming freely in the island’s water.

As an island owned and managed by the Catholic church, the Divine Mercy Chapel was built here to accommodate retreatants exclusively. But given the increase in interest in recent years, they opened it to the public to welcome both local and foreign visitors.

Since then, the management has become more considerate. Events and celebrations, excluding beach weddings, are now allowed here. Currently, a construction of a facility for retreat and team-building activities is also underway. This in addition to six detached houses already built intended for lease. Target completion of the project is by the end of the year.

How to get to the San Victor Island

Getting to San Victor Island isn’t easy. Let’s say you’re from Davao City and you still like the thrill public transportation gives, then head first to Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT). Once you’re there take a bus trip, one that is bound for Baganga. The bus fare ranges from P310 to P700 for 6 hours travel time.

Upon arrival at Baganga’s town proper, look for a habal-habal or a motorcycle. Once you’re at Barangay San Victor, look for the registration area of San Victor Island. They will collect the P110 entrance fee inclusive of the back-and-forth boat fare. That boat will take you to your destination in just 5 minutes.

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Fees to keep in mind

Entrance fee – P110 per person
Tents – P150
Open cottages – price starts at P300
Dorm type rooms – price starts at P1,600 suitable for two persons including breakfast.


How to contact San Victor Island

Mobile no.: 0945-415-5127
Email: svirfc@gmail.com


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