Facing the great seas of the Pacific, Mahoc Beach showcases a long scenic stretch of powdery, white sand shoreline surrounded by towering coconut trees — a picturesque view that draws not just the beach bums but also those who want to commune with nature intimately.

Situated in the humble town of Barangay San Antonio, Cateel, Davao Oriental, the Mahoc Beach has long been a go-to place for locals because of its undeniable charm.

Recently, it has garnered popularity due to vloggers, cyclists, and motorcycle riders flocking the beach cove to witness its beauty.


Mahoc Beach a.k.a. Tawhan

In recent years, locals have started calling Mahoc Beach “Tawhan.” Meaning, the beach cove houses supernatural entities such as Diwata or Engkanto.

Others claim its waves engulf people as a sacrifice to the mythical spirits. Needless to say, these are just hearsays, probably to scare out people to control the crowd frolicking in the beach cove.

The once secluded Sitio Mahoc that borders Cateel and Baganga is undoubtedly becoming a booming tourist destination, thanks mainly to the Mahoc beach cove.

As you’ve seen in our travel guide series, Cateel is probably my frequent destination for the right reasons. Indeed, this municipality in Davao Region’s easternmost province is bestowed with an abundance of undisturbed waterfalls and unadulterated beaches.

Among these scenic travel destinations, Mahoc Beach truly lives to your expectations of a pristine beach. See some photos of the beach cove below.

How to get to Mahoc Beach

Mahoc Beach is situated just beside the provincial highway leading to Baganga, a nearby town of Cateel, so getting there is easy. You have two options here, either take public transportation or rent a car from us.

Suppose you want to take public transportation, your first destination is the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCTTO).

Keep in mind that we are still in a pandemic, so there might be border control and travel restrictions. To keep posted, search for local news or visit the social media pages of towns you’ll pass by, especially Davao City, because it is the starting point of your trip.

In addition, there might be a long queue of passengers at the DCTTO entrance for safety inspections and the ticketing booth, depending on the day and time. Buses have lower seating capacity following social distancing, so be early to secure a seat.

Next, take a bus trip bound for Cateel with a fare ranging from P250 to P700 for 5 hours estimated travel time. Don’t forget to wear your facemask and bring a hand sanitizer with you. Although troublesome, it is a protocol to always wear your face shield during the whole duration of your travel.

Taking public transportation means strangers will surround you — these are your co-passengers, bus conductor, and vendors. So, to limit the risks of contacting COVID-19, wear your face mask properly and maintain 1-meter apart from other people.

The highest waterfall in the Philippines — no less than the Aliwagwag Falls — will welcome you once you are already at Cateel, Davao Oriental. If you also plan to visit this, then this will be your drop-off point.

To know more about Aliwagwag Falls, read our blog here.

After that, take a habal-habal or a motorcycle that will directly take you to Mahoc Beach. Remember: There is no fixed rate here.


The most convenient way to get to Mahoc Beach

You can skip all these by renting a vehicle from us. By choosing this, you can avoid any close contact with strangers, something we all want in this time of a pandemic.

Renting a car is also best for travelers planning to have a group or family outing. With this, you can save a significant amount of money and cut the travel time to half or even less.

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