The scenic shoreline, crystal clear sea, and picturesque horizon soothe the souls of every beach bum. “Vitamin Sea” as everyone calls it. As a continuation of our travel guide series, we are going to feature a beach resort that resembles the internationally acclaimed Boracay Island of Aklan.

Dubbed by Davaoneos as its own Boracay, Little Boracay Beach Resort boasts pristine shoreline and powdery white sand — two things that Boracay Island is known for. It is also abundant in towering palm trees and crystal clear seas, making it really another beach haven.


Pride of Davao Occidental

Little Boracay Beach Resort is located at the humble fishing village of Barangay Sto. Niño, Colongan Road, Sta. Maria, Davao Occidental. The beach resort, with its estimated shoreline of powdery white sand of 2 kilometers, is adjacent to Mt. Cuiawa.

Last year, I had the chance to visit it and I regretted nothing but wanting to stay more days in the resort. The staff of the resort were very accommodating and hospitable. I couldn’t ask for more. They have cottages and air-conditioned rooms at very affordable rates perfect for travelers with a tight itinerary.

Open day cottages rate ranges from P75 to P400. Air-conditioned room rates start at P1000 good for 2 persons. Truly, this place is budget-friendly because they would not charge you extra for bringing food with you. Meaning, there’s no corkage. What’s more, you can bring cars, vehicles, or motorcycles with you because this resort has spacious parking space to accommodate visitors and tourists.

While enjoying the picturesque view of the beach, I was greeted by residents riding their Banca. They greeted the tourists staying in the resort with a big smile. Right then, I knew they would offer a ride. They approached me and offered me one.

“The place has a virgin beach shoreline,” one of the men said. “It has not been developed or owned by any resorts.” I was very curious about what he said and decided to take advantage of their offer.

On our way to the said place, I was in awe of how simple the lives of locals in this place were. I was also astonished by the view of lush greenery and rock formations along shorelines. The sun rays are reflecting the crystal clear water accompanied by the laughter of passengers of the banca as the men who persuaded us would crack jokes.

By the time we reached the place dubbed as Camp Paraiso, the words they said could not equate to how beautiful the place was. They did not lie just to get passengers, they were sincere in offering us to visit this place.

“Paraiso” kept on running in my mind as I observed the place in amazement. It was a virgin shoreline indeed. There were no huts or cottages and no houses around the area, just palm trees, powdery white sand fringed with dry leaves washed ashore as if they were jewelry of the shoreline.

Sigh! I wanted to stay more hours at Camp Paraiso. However, we needed to go back to the resort as dawn was approaching.

Back to the resort, since I hadn’t brought any food with me, I approached the staff to ask for their menu. Guess what? That too is something you shouldn’t worry about when visiting Little Boracay. They can and will cook for you. Any food of their choice, they can prepare it. If you want fresh catch, you can ask them and have it cooked in the way you like it to be cooked. I was really in awe of how guests are being treated here.

One dish I still can’t forget is this “Isda sa Bato”. It was really good, enough that I ended up finishing two bowls of it.

Before I slept, I went to the shoreline to stare at the reflection of the full moon reflecting the sea surrounded with constellations of stars with the calming sound of waves crashing to the shoreline. That was one of the most relaxing nights of my life. I went to sleep with very peaceful thoughts.

Though this place is not that extravagant as other resorts in Davao Region, I assure you that you will leave this place with no regrets but with a sense of relaxation. You will feel connected to nature again. Once in a while, we have to spoil ourselves with the relaxation we deserve and Little Boracay Beach Resort should be added to your must-visit beach resorts in Davao Region.

Truly, this is Davao’s own Boracay, and one we can proudly claim ours.


How to get to Little Boracay Beach Resort

Travelling to Little Boracay Beach Resort is very easy as this place is accessible to any kind of vehicle. You can get there in two ways, by public transportation or by renting a car or vehicle.

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Now, if you prefer to take public transportation, the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT) will be your starting point. If you’re a tourist from the north, ride a taxi and tell the driver to bring you to DCOTT. Upon arrival at the terminal, head straight to the ticketing booth and ask for public utility buses bound to Sta. Maria. If in any case, there are no buses bound to Sta. Maria, choose a bus bound to Malita instead and tell the driver or driver’s assistant to stop at Sta. Maria’s bus terminal. The bus fare ranges from P150 to P230 depending on what type of bus you’ll be riding for an estimated travel time of 3-4 hours.

By the time you already arrived at Sta. Maria’s bus terminal, look for motorcycles or tricycles and ask them to take you to Little Boracay. Always remember to ask the locals on how much it will cost for the fare going to Little Boracay to avoid getting charged extra by the drivers. I was lucky enough that I had some travelers who happened to be heading to Little Boracay. We paid P30 per person for 15-20 minutes of travel time to the beach.

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Entrance fee for Kids – Php20.00
Entrance fee for Adults – Php30.00
Overnight – Additional Php10.00
Corkage – None

Overnight Cottage for P1,000 good for 2 persons
Seminar House Bldg. for P6,000 per day



Little Boracay Beach Resort
Brgy. Sto. Nino, Colongan Road, Sta. Maria
8011 Sta. Maria, Davao Occidental
Mobile: 09399064036