Giving back has always been part of our culture and mission here at Car Rental Davao. We believe that extending a helping hand, especially in this time of a global pandemic, can make all the difference.

Just this last Sunday — Easter Sunday no less — our team here at Car Rental Davao decided to once again organize a food drive. This time, in Barangay Ula, a small community in Tugbok district here in Davao.

Dozens of residents welcomed us with open arms and greeted us with a smile on their faces as we handed them over 300 food packs consisting of chicken and fish meals, baked goodies and drinks.

As we navigate this pandemic together, we hope that this small gesture will show everyone the spirit of “bayanihan” amongst Filipinos. Now more than ever, we need to look after one another, we need to care for each other. We need to commit to being kind and compassionate in this difficult time. We can all get through this together. We can all heal us one.

Stay safe, everyone!

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