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Davao strikes a perfect balance between modernization and history, being a city known for preserving its rich culture and natural resources. With its God-given wonders, the city has become a haven for tourists and locals, offering ecotourism and wellness destinations that you can’t find elsewhere. One place that exemplifies this is Villa De Mercedes, a resort located in Catigan, Toril.

Surrounded by an abundance of nature, the resort boasts a panoramic view of the entire city and a scenic view of Davao Gulf. It is perfect for couples, groups of friends, and families looking for a place to bond and relax.

Last year, I had the chance to visit the resort. Allow me to share my experience in this Car Rental Davao blog post.

A day before the outing

On that quiet day, I was continuously checking late modules and online class tasks when my cellphone suddenly beeped. It was a message from my childhood best friend, Stef, telling me, “Bring your prized swimwear tomorrow because we are going to Villa De Mercedes Resort.” (The author used to teach at a private school here in Davao.)

Stef is always like that. She likes unplanned outings and impromptu hangouts. “Oh, here she goes again!” I sighed. In the back of my mind, I was actually thinking of finding ways to de-stress because I was overwhelmed with the load of tasks in the new normal education setup. It was perfect, I thought.

Stef had many surprises coming from her unpredictable mind. She went to our barangay, the place we grew up together, to fetch us. Then, my friends and I went to her parents’ house for a sleepover, bringing all the necessary things for our outing at Villa De Mercedes.

We woke up early the following day, and after having our breakfast, we all went straight to Villa De Mercedes, excited about what was to come.

There are just so many reasons why you should make your own trip here. Let me list them for you in this Car Rental Davao blog post.

6 reasons why you should visit Villa De Mercedes Resort


1. Witness the panoramic view of Davao Gulf with a scenic overlooking view of the whole Davao City

Villa De Mercedes is perfectly perched on a hilltop, facing the picturesque scenery of the blue horizon of Davao Gulf and overlooking the entire Davao City. I can speak with authority when I say this is simply magnificent. I haven’t seen anything as stunning as this.


2. The food is worth the pay.

Although their menu is a bit more expensive compared to other resorts and restaurants I’ve been to, you won’t regret the money you spend. The food they serve is palatable and worth the price. They have everything from side dishes to high-protein meals. Additionally, they start preparing the food as soon as you place your order, ensuring that what you get is freshly cooked.


3. Swim in their infinity pool

Villa De Mercedes Resort takes pride in its infinity pool, which faces the vast blue horizon of Davao Gulf and offers a stunning view of the entire city. Visitors can enjoy swimming in their pools, with designated areas for both kids and adults. The adult swimming pool is only 4 feet deep, so even if you don’t know how to swim, you can still enjoy dipping in their fresh, cold water.


4. A perfect place to bond with your friends, partner, and family

You and your family will definitely enjoy the whole resort. We visited during the weekdays, and there were only a few guests on the resort grounds. The resort strictly follows the protocols set by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) and the local government unit, accommodating only a limited number of guests. Make sure to book in advance to secure a reservation.

If you are looking for a resort within the city where you and your family can have quality time without any hassle or interruption, consider Villa De Mercedes your top choice.


5. Experience the famed Don Alberto’s Café

This resort is also perfect for couples looking for a place to have a romantic date. Enjoy a romantic dining experience at their famed Don Alberto’s Cafe, where you can witness a view of the resort’s grounds through its patio. The resort is surrounded by coconut trees, ornamental plants, and various trees, all adding to the romantic vibe of the place.


6. Play volleyball with your loved ones

The resort is adorned with white sand to create a beach vibe. Alongside its white sand is a volleyball court where you can play with your friends and family. With this setup, the resort is ideal for recreational activities such as team building and private occasions.

To learn more about Villa De Mercedes, watch this vlog by our friends at Sailing SV Matahom. See the video below. Please give them a like, share the video, subscribe, and hit the notification bell!

How to get to Villa De Mercedes

Are you interested in visiting Villa De Mercedes? To get there, you can take public transportation, but you must be knowledgeable about the public utility jeepney routes first. Assuming your starting point is Davao City International Airport, you can take a public utility jeepney. From the airport, look for a PUJ Buhangin route and tell the driver to drop you at Gaisano Mall Bajada. Then, look for a Sasa jeepney route and ask the driver to drop you at the University of Mindanao – Bolton Campus, where you can take another jeepney ride bound for Toril.

Another option is to walk from Gaisano Mall Bajada to Roxas Avenue, which is a very short distance. It’s probably a 5-minute walk. Once you’re there, cross the pedestrian lane from Ateneo de Davao University to Aldevinco Shopping Center. Look for a jeepney bound for Toril.

Upon arrival in Toril, look for a sidecar or habal-habal to get you to the resort. Negotiate with the driver for a reasonable fare. The fare range depends on how many are in your group and the type of transportation you take. Habal-habal is a bit pricier than a sidecar because it can only accommodate one passenger at a time, while a sidecar can accommodate 2 or 3 passengers.

Make sure to wear your face shields and face masks at all times to avoid getting fined by police officers. Also, don’t throw your garbage everywhere, smoke only in designated areas, and cross only at pedestrian lanes and overpasses. These rules are strictly observed in the city, and as a resident of Davao City, I can confirm that these ordinances are followed diligently.

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How to contact Villa De Mercedes

Mobile no.: 0909-806-9614

Website: http://villademercedes.com.ph/

Email: urayalandphofficial@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VilladeMercedesOfficial/