Car Rental Davao’s Car Sharing Program

Earn extra income, make profit by enrolling in our car sharing program today! 

CRD's Car Sharing Program. Inquire now!

How can you make money here?

Whether you just want to earn extra income, invest in a car rental business to make a profit out of your cars, our Car Share program is here to let you maximize your earnings with ease and reliability.

We do everything; marketing, scheduling, answering calls, providing customer service, delivering vehicles — everything. All you have to do is enroll your car in our car sharing program.

Turn your car, considered a liability due to hidden costs of owning it, into an asset today! Get started with one car and see for yourself how much you’ll earn from it.

Currently we are accepting 2020 and newer vehicles that are automatic transmission. Sorry, no manual transmissions are being accepted into our fleet. We can make exceptions on a case by case basis for very good condition or niche vehicles of model year 2019. Please contact us if you feel like you have an exceptional or niche 2019 vehicle.


The program is super simple for our car share owners. First step is to sign up with the form at the top or bottom of this webpage.  Next we will contact you and set up a meeting with you and your vehicle. Once your vehicle is approved and you are comfortable with the terms of our Car Share agreement, then we enter your vehicle into our database and start marketing rentals for your vehicle. After that, you just sit back and collect a check at the end of every month for a percentage of the rental fees. We not only give you a percentage of the rental fees, but also a percentage of any additional services clients may add on to any rental with your vehicle.  


What’s in it for you?


With even just one car in our program you can make an effort free passive income, lower overall vehicle cost or pay off your vehicle. With multiple cars, you can literally turn our car share program into a full time business that you have to do zero work in.  You can lean on Car Rental Davao’s expertise in vehicle acquisition, marketing, expansion and maximizing revenues. All without having to be hands on. The only thing you have to do every month is take a check to the bank.

Guaranteed safe and secure

Worrying about your car’s safety? Our car share program is bound by contract and our rental terms and conditions. Any unforeseen accident, including minor scratches and damages, involving your car is the renter’s responsibility as stipulated in our rental agreement. We also have an expert trust and safety team dedicated to supporting you through thick and thin.

Our services are practiced with utmost transparency to embody integrity as it is one of our company’s core values. Details for car rental involving your car are disclosed to both of you and our renters. We are also equipped with state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technology to keep track of our vehicles’ whereabouts. In addition we work with insurance companies that legally insure vehicles in the rental industry. Our connections in the local body shop industry will get any damages quickly repaired, so your vehicle can get back on the road and generating revenue for you.

We ensure that our rental cars are in excellent condition before renting them out. We regularly check the engine, brake system, signal lights — everything! If, in any case, there’s a problem with your car, we will inform you right away. Your vehicle will be treated like one of our own. Every vehicle is a reflection on our business. We put out a like new product for all renters no matter if we own the vehicle or not.

Have confidence and trust in our car share program through our transparent transactions and 5-star guaranteed service. Expand your entrepreneurial venture and start building your car rental business without doing the nitty-gritty of creating a rental agency from scratch with us today!


Skip the hassle of answering calls, marketing, scheduling and transacting with renters as we will do these on your behalf through our car share program. As the leading and the only 5-star rated car rental agency in Davao, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Our pool of professional writers and marketing experts team up to create high-quality and relevant content specifically aimed for our target audience. Our in-house customer service experts will handle all the booking, scheduling and transacting with renters to ensure excellent service just for our valued renters. We also provide 24/7 roadside assistance wherever they are in the region.

On top of generating revenue, our car share program also ensures that your car/s are marketed properly paired with our excellent customer support aligned to our brand core values.


CRD's Car Sharing Program. Inquire now!